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Color Wave Industries Is Committed To Achieve
****                Eminence In Quality
****                Optimistic Customer Service
****                Incomparable Economical Products
****                Dexterous Coustmer Satisfaction
****                Raise Social, Economical And Environmental Conditions Of Mankind

Color Wave Industries A Name To Envisage With In The Dyestuff And Chemical Auxiliaries Industry. The Name Tantamount With Qualitative & Quantitative Marketing Of Its Products, It Has Been Serving The Needs Of Its Esteemed Customers. Boosting By Young Dedicated And Enthusiastic, Yet Experienced Group Of Management And Employees, Color Wave Industries Is Expanding Its Horizons.
From Manufacturing And Marketing Of Dyestuffs Color Wave Industries Has Successfully Diversified Into Dyestuffs Like Acid, Direct, Basic, Disperse, Reactive, Solvent, Vat, Pigment, Food Colors And Textile Auxillaries. Which Are Called Synthetic Organic Dyes Used For Fabrics Like Garments, Dress Materials, Bed-Sheets, Carpets, Etc. The Dyes Are Of Basically Colours Like Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow And Numerous Variants Of These Basic Colours Identified By Color Index Number Internationally.
Manufacturing Facility Color Wave Industries Was Set Up In 2004 In Ahmedabad 
Having Established Itself Firmly In India Is Gearing Itself To Meet The Challenges Of Global Competition By Venturing Into Various Overseas Markets.
All This Is Being Achieved Without Any Compromise On Quality.
Color Wave Industries Takes A Gigantic, Intrepid And Pioneering Step, To Increase Its Customers Confidence, By Giving Guarantee In The Consistency Of Quality Of Dyestuff Supplied.
For Achieving That Purpose, Color Wave Industries Has Installed Highly Technological Machines, Like Spectrophotometer, Color Matching System, Liquid Testing, Dyeing System, Etc.
For Testing The Strength And Various Other Parameters Of Its Products.
Rigid Quality Control And Timely Deliveries Has Resulted In Volume Growth And Large Satisfied Customer Base For Our Company.
Color Wave Industries Highly Acclaimed Company Having Solid Presence Is Domestic & International Market In Dyestuffs & Dye Intermediates,
The Product Range Of The Company Comprises Of More Than 120 Dyestuffs & 120 Textile Auxiliaries Used By Our Valuable Customers Spread Across Various Industries Like Textile, Ink, Leather, Paper, Paint, Lubricants, Cosmetics, Jute And Many Other Industries Where Colour Applications Are Required.
Quality Product At Reasonable Prices And Ably Supported By Excellent Customer Technical Services. Color Wave Industries Enjoys A Formidable Reputation For Excellent Work Delivery On Right Time.
Color Wave Industries Brings Together Comprehensive Resources And Expertise To Present Our Customers With High-Quality Chemical Products, Services And Solutions.
Color Wave Industries Supplies Dyestuff, Auxiliaries As Well As Dye-Intermediates In Various Forms Like Standardized Spray Dried/Tray Dried - Powder/Granular, Crude, Reverse Osmosis & Liquid.

Our Philosophy

Color Wave Industries Envision Making World More Colorful By Providing Dyestuffs In Various Shades And Ensures Safety, Quality And Strength Without Any Compromise. That’s Why We Are Pre Registred Ourselves With REACH
 It Is Since Then That Color Wave Industries Has Striven To Link The Dyestuffs Industry With The Global Market. With A Well Experienced Marketing Group And Our Efficient Workers We Are Continually Growing And Creating New Goals To Achieve.
Our Business Philosophy Is To Produce Quality Products Of International Standards, Continuous Product Development And Innovation To Achieve The Highest Level Of Customer Satisfaction. We Adopt Eco-Friendly Processes, Which Are Non - Hazardous And Safe To Our Employees And Environment.
The Motto Of Our Company Is To Serve Our Customers With The  Assurance On Key Concerns Like Quality, Cost-Effectiveness, Range And Service; We Have Been Receptive To The Changing Trends On Domestic As Well As International Level.
 Our Existence Is Now At Global Scale And We Have Acquired A Series Of Highly Reputed Clientele. With An Ambition To Grow, We Have Taken This Colorful Path & With Your Support, It Can Become A Fun And A Fruitful Journey.

Colorwave Fundamentals

Color Wave Industries Work Hard Behind The Scenes To Enhance These Products With Our Outstanding Collection Of Advanced Chemicals.
Chemically-Bonded Fundamentals


To Provide Chemical Solutions That Create Genuine Customer Satisfaction And Earn Customer Confidence.
1. People First: Employees & Customers...
2. Quality: We Take Pride In Everything We Achieve.
3. Innovation: Our Fuel For Growth.
More Than What You Expect. We Are Expert Locally But We Are Present Globally

Our Local Knowledge Allows Us To Better Understand Our Customer's Needs And Allows Providing Efficient And Quality Service.


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Color Wave Industries

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